Practice Areas

IP Advisory, Licensing and Technology Transfer

The hallmark of a well-protected Intellectual Property is the value derived from it.  

Whether you are licensing your IP rights, an IP rights is being licensed/assigned to you or you are looking at a franchise, we will ensure that all your rights are protected and secured enabling you the full benefits of the transfer.

We listen to your story and provide you with complete legal solutions specific to your needs.

Trademark, Copyright, Brand Protection and Management

The value of an IP rights is mostly determined by the thoroughness of its protection.

Intellectual Property Law is one of the most important areas of law that protects human creativity. The better protected this creativity is will determine the economic benefits enjoyed by the owners. Intellectual Property has expanded over the years and the laws have evolved over time.

At GV Legal, we utilize all available local and international laws to ensure that our clients gets the maximum benefits of their creation. Our Brand Management practice utilizes a wholistic approach and pays attention to every detail of your entire business to ensure a complete protection is achieved at all times.

For instance, we do not just file your Trademark, we protect your Trademark using all available legal methods and educating you on how to maximize the economic benefits of your Intellectual Property.

GV Legal carries all your Intellectual Property burden so you can focus on your business.

International Practice

With our experience practicing internationally, we have developed a wide range of professional partners to help coordinate the protection of your Intellectual Property rights (Trademark, Copyright, Design, Brand Management) in most countries of the world. Our deep knowledge of the laws and workings in these countries sets us apart.  We will give you the best advice, solve every problem, file your Trademarks in countries where this is possible and maintain a database that will ensure all renewals are timely filed.

Entertainment Law

Our Entertainment Law Practice works with you to achieve your lifelong dream as an entertainer. We know and understand how much hard work you must have put in before reaching out to us. This is why we will only advise and negotiate all your contractual deals to ensure all your hard work is reflected and maximum benefit is realized.

Employment Discrimination

We understand that being discriminated against is actually an attempt at suppressing your potential and achievements. This is why we do not take any form of discrimination lightly, whether you have been discriminated against based on your gender, age, race, creed, disability or even any form of retaliation for opposing unlawful discriminatory practices, we will fight our client’s cause making sure that they are put in a position where they receive what they deserve.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is highly dehumanizing and it is the lowest level of human interaction. We will help you call out the perpetrator legally and will not stop there, we will ensure justice is served and our client retains their self-esteem.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Under the Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), you may be eligible to become a lawful permanent residence if you are a victim of battery or extreme cruelty by a U.S Citizen Spouse or former spouse, U.S Citizen parent, U.S Citizen son or daughter, Lawful Permanent spouse or former spouse or a Lawful Permanent Parent.

We are particularly passionate about assisting our clients who have had to deal with any form of abuse both physical and emotional. We will take up your cause using all available laws at our disposal. Please reach out to us if you particularly need help in this area or you think you might need help. 

Employment Immigration Visas

Working in the United States requires that certain types of work permits be granted by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services. This could be either Temporary (Non-Immigrant) Visas or Permanent Worker Visas. There are different classifications to these types of visas.

Prospective employers are required to file Temporary work permits if they are looking at employing from outside of the United States.